Review of diagnostics available for emerging fungal pathogens (Ghosh et al 2018)

Despite the threat that emerging fungal pathogens (EFPs) pose to global health, economy, food security and ecosystems, studies are often poorly financed and constitute only a tiny proportion of publicly-funded research. These challenges, along with the complexities of identifying fungi, and the difficulty of growing many EFPs in laboratories, means that there is a significant need for inexpensive, rapid, portable and straightforward-to-use diagnostic tools.

A recent review, by Pria Ghosh, Matthew Fisher and Kieran Bates, provides a comprehensive overview of the current and upcoming technologies available to aid diagnosis of EFPs, with a particular focus on their advantages and disadvantages for use in the field. Relevant for the diverse range of specialists required to monitor EFPs, this paper is a useful summary of the technologies available for those working to mitigate potential fungal epidemics

Read the paper: Ghosh et al Diagnosing emerging fungal threats: a one health perspective Front Genet. 2018; 9: 376.