Test catalogue

Turnaround times listed below are average times – results for urgent specimens may be available earlier.

TestCodeNHS (£)Private (£)Turnaround time
Identification and susceptibility
PLEASE NOTE: molecular tests are NOT included in the standard identification package - see molecular section below for current prices (they may also increase the turnaround time)
Identification only (yeast or mould)IDENT21.9124.45ID of yeasts 2–5 days
ID of moulds 2–7 days
Standard yeast susceptibility package
Including full identification and long-term storage. Flucytosine, fluconazole, amphotericin B, micafungin, anidulafungin.
YSP-S84.5394.31ID 2–5 days
Susceptibility 1–5 days (may take longer if culture requires incubation)
…plus 1 additional susceptibilityYSP-199.68111.24
…plus 2 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-2114.85128.15
…plus 3 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-3130.01145.06
…plus 4 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-4145.67162.57
…plus 5 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-5161.39180.07
HVS SensHVS SENS52.6058.69
Yeast, one drug15.6917.50
Standard mould susceptibility package
Including full identification and long-term storage. Itraconazole, posaconazole, voriconazole, amphotericin B.
MLD-S104.00116.06Identification 2–7 days

Susceptibility 3–7 days (may take longer if culture requires incubation)
…plus 1 additional susceptibilityMLD-1111.69124.62
…plus 2 additional susceptibilitiesMLD-2119.40
…plus 3 additional susceptibilitiesMLD-3127.08141.08
…plus 4 additional susceptibilitiesMLD-4149.05166.32
Mould, one drug21.9724.22
Susceptibility testing by pyrosequencing (ONLY Aspergillus fumigatus)PYRO165.40184.56-
Histology Slide ReviewSLIDE21.9124.45
HVS No growthHVS NG15.0716.82
High Volume CultureHVC15.0716.82
Identification from skin, hair & nails DERM15.0716.82Direct microscopy 1-2 days
Culture and identification:
* Yeasts 1-2 weeks
* Dermatophytes 1-3 weeks
* Non-dermatophytes 1-2 weeks
Antifungal assays (therapeutic drug monitoring)
FlucytosineLEVEL-FLY65.6273.211 day
You MUST telephone by 13:00 in order for us to set up the assay
PosaconazoleLEVEL-POS65.6273.211-2 days
VoriconazoleLEVEL-VOR65.6273.211-2 days
ItraconazoleLEVEL-ITR65.6273.211-2 days
FluconazoleLEVEL-FLZ65.6273.212-3 days
IsavuconazoleLEVEL-ISA65.6273.211-2 days
Serology (antigen testing)
FungitellTM β-1,3-D-glucanBGLU55.3361.731–3 days
Aspergillus galactomannanASP-GM55.3361.731–2 days
Cryptococcus antigen (CrAG)CRYPA38.0042.41Same day
Precipitins (antibody test and titre)
Aspergillus fumigatusAFPDD17.0819.037–10 days
Environmental Surveillance per Sample108.87120.79