Virtual lab tour

Take a look around the MRCM lab, based at Wythenshawe Hospital (part of MFT) in Manchester.

Video protocols

Profesor Malcolm Richardson shows you how to perform three assays used in diagnosing aspergillosis and other invasive fungal infections (video production supported by Pfizer):

Learn more about how to perform and interpret fungal diagnostics

Fungitell (BDG) infographic

MRCM partnered with Goodwork to produce this infographic explaining the Fungitell Assay for detecting beta-D-glucan in serum. This biomarker indicates the presence of an invasive infection caused by many fungi including Aspergillus, Candida, and Pneumocystis.

Diagnostics webinars

LIFE Worldwide webinars on mycology lab techniques, including Aspergillus antigen, TDM, CrAg testing, Aspergillus antibody, Candida and BDG. Experts explain how to select, perform and interpret different fungal diagnostics. Register now for live webinars (with Q&A), or catch up later on the LIFE Worldwide YouTube channel.