MRCM Staff Nominated for STAR Award

MFT’s Clinical and Scientific Services (CSS) STAR awards aim to recognise the very best of CSS and celebrate the incredible achievements of those who go above and beyond the call of duty every day for patients, and the MRCM team have been nominated for their incredible hard work during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the known association of Covid-19 and fungal superinfections, the screening of patients with Covid-19 for invasive fungal infections has been a critical element during the pandemic, not only at MFT hospitals but at hospitals throughout the UK has meant an exponential increase in activity: Almost overnight, the number of fungal biomarker runs performed each day more than doubled.  Despite this, and reduced staff numbers, shielding, self-isolating and homeschooling, the team’s commitment and dedication never once waivered. The team adapted to the unprecedented situation and met the challenges of Covid-19 head-on, ensuring that every result was available promptly to ensure every patient received the best possible care from their respective clinical teams. They continued to deliver a first-class service – never once dropping below the KPI standard for biomarker testing turnaround times and even passed a stringent assessment, successfully retaining accredited status.