Test catalogue

Turnaround times listed below are average times – results for urgent specimens may be available earlier.

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Turnaround time
Identification only
(either yeast or mould)
IDENT21.9124.45ID of yeasts 2–5 days
ID of moulds 2–7 days
High volume cultureHVC15.0716.82
Identification from skin, hair & nails DERM15.0716.82Direct microscopy 1-2 days
Culture and identification:
* Yeasts 1-2 weeks
* Dermatophytes 1-3 weeks
* Non-dermatophytes 1-2 weeks
Histology slide reviewSLIDE21.9124.45
Aspergillus PCRASP PCR90.21100.66
Pneumocystis PCRPCP PCR90.21100.66
Panfungal PCRPAN PCR90.21100.66
Identification by sequencingID SEQ90.21100.66
Susceptibility testing
1 drug only15.6917.50
Standard package including:
- full identification
- long-term storage
- flucytosine, fluconazole, amphotericin B, micafungin, anidulafungin
YSP-S84.5394.31ID 2–5 days
Susceptibility 1–5 days (may take longer if culture requires incubation)
…plus 1 additional susceptibilityYSP-199.68111.24
…plus 2 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-2114.85128.15
…plus 3 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-3130.01145.06
…plus 4 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-4145.67162.57
…plus 5 additional susceptibilitiesYSP-5161.39180.07
High vaginal swab & sensitivity testingHVS SENS52.6058.69
High vaginal swab (no growth)HVS NG15.0716.82
1 drug only21.9724.22
Standard package including
- full identification
- long-term storage
- itraconazole, posaconazole, voriconazole, amphotericin B
MLD-S104.00116.06Identification 2–7 days

Susceptibility 3–7 days (may take longer if culture requires incubation)
…plus 1 additional susceptibilityMLD-1111.69124.62
…plus 2 additional susceptibilitiesMLD-2119.40
…plus 3 additional susceptibilitiesMLD-3127.08141.08
…plus 4 additional susceptibilitiesMLD-4149.05166.32
Susceptibility testing by pyrosequencing (Aspergillus fumigatus only)PYRO165.40184.56-
Antifungal assays (therapeutic drug monitoring)
FlucytosineLEVEL-FLY65.6273.211 day
You MUST telephone by 13:00 in order for us to set up the assay
PosaconazoleLEVEL-POS65.6273.211-2 days
VoriconazoleLEVEL-VOR65.6273.211-2 days
ItraconazoleLEVEL-ITR65.6273.211-2 days
FluconazoleLEVEL-FLZ65.6273.212-3 days
IsavuconazoleLEVEL-ISA65.6273.211-2 days
Antigen testing
FungitellTM β-1,3-D-glucanBGLU55.3361.731–3 days
Cryptococcal antigen (CrAg)CRYPA38.0042.41
Antibody testing (precipitins)
Aspergillus fumigatusAF-PDD17.0819.03
Aspergillus flavusAFL-PDD17.0819.03
Aspergillus nigerANI-PDD17.0819.03
Aspergillus terreusAT-PDD17.0819.03
Aspergillus nidulansAN-PDD17.0819.03
Environmental surveillance
Per sampleENV108.87120.79